Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Peurto Vallarta

Here are a few random pictures I took from the back deck in PV.

This is not my ship, but it was in port next to us. So big! If people care I have a much bigger version of the picture where you get a better idea of the scope.

Random picture of PV

The wal mart in PV. I hate to say it, but it's been a blessing. Didn't pack enough undershirts! I can't believe how expensive things are in mexico btw. Food and like, service are cheap, but things like clothes are super expensive.

He is a bird :D

More coming soon for sure! I actually got a little video of some lightning. I need to clip it first. Anyways, that might be all for now. I'm starting to take my camera more and more places. I'll start taking pictures of food and all soon.


My first post!

Hello! I've been really meaning to get on this whole blog thing for a while, but I just haven't know what to write about. I've finally taken some pictures, which I think will really give me some direction. It looks like I'll probably be updating about once a week. Here we go! I'm still figuring blogger out. I don't really know how to organize space to write about different pictures, so maybe I'll make a ton of posts today.

Okay, this fine example of expert photography is actually a picture of my room. That's really the whole thing. All that's missing is the hall way and the bathroom. There is just enough room to walk past somebody sitting at the desk. I've been spending more and more time in there on my computer or reading. I generally prop the door open so I'm not a total recluse.