Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Some have heard me complain, some have heard me rave. I'm beyond tired of most of the mess food, but I still general eat there. I usually just have whatever the best meat they are serving is and rice, cereal, or a banana with peanut butter. There is a lot of roast beef, chicken, pork chops...stuff like that.

If I'm not eating dinner in the mess, I'm probably in the Viking Crown. It's a guest buffet that I'm allowed to eat at because musicians automatically have a stripe and a half (go me!) for just tip money (3$). I have mashed potatoes, roast beef/turkey, stuffing, pineapple, and cake for just about every meal I eat there. It's good quality food. They also have sushi and pasta and stuff. I would happily pay $10 for a meal there.

Since I usually wake up at about noon, I don't know what to call my first meal. Whatever it is, if I'm staying on the ship, it's usually a cliff bar, flak seed chips, and trail mix. In LA I eat a lot of subway. I never thought I'd be one of those to keep coming back to it after I quit like so many people do, but I am! I just can't seem to quit it. I also find myself eating a lot of seafood. There is a really good sushi place in Cabo people go to every week. It's generally about $20 a plate, but I get away with $7 getting 4 crab servings. I've had lots of good sea food. It's always cheap and almost always good. Shrimp and crab are both dirt cheap here.

Having said all that, I've spent a good amount of money on mediocre food. I'm learning quickly what to avoid. Chicken is the same everywhere! Whether you pay $20 or $4 for chicken breast it's still chicken breast.

Anyways, overall I've been eating really healthy. I've actually lost weight since I got here, even though I'm eating as much as I ever have. I really don't eat junk often at all.


Emily A. W. said...

Arg me hearty! You're making me stomach boil with hunger...RRRR!
It sounds yummy. I am very happy to hear you are eating well. And I am jealous that you can lose weight while doing it. whatever!

Jonah said...

well, you're definitely eating better than me. actually, the regular mess food sounds a lot like how we ate out on the fishing boat. I miss seafood...

A Girl Called Dallan said...

Clever post title. :0)

Kaferine said...

Aaah that made me really hungry eating this..

.. Shrimps.. ;____;

Stan_Kenton said...

haha, how my opinions have changed! I would never pay $10 for wind jammer food