Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'd like to draw your attention to the Divorced Eggs.

This is me and Carlos. He is the lead trumpet player and assistant musical director. He's done some amazing gigs, and has TONS of stories. Super cool to hang out with.

This is most of the band (at the time of the picture). It was crew show night, and we were doing our disco show (Boogie Wonderland). Just about everybody but me is wasted in this picture, haha.

Me and Dan. He is my British friend. He actually just went home on sunday. Everybody is super sad about it.

Cabo being beautiful

More Cabo being beautiful.

The port in Cabo. It is beautiful.

Here is a picture in Cabo San Lucas. It is beautiful.

Here is some water and some rocks and a boat in Cabo. They are beautiful.

This is John and Tilly. They are super awesome! That have been on close to a billion cruises. I have a feeling they are loaded. They love our big band set more than we do!

This is a part of the mall I'm at right now. I'm actually just to the right of this picture at the moment.


A Girl Called Dallan said...

I don't know if this post is fun awesomeness and coolness or cool funness and awesome. I just looks and sounds so really good!

Much wisdom in those eggs. What better way to keep the divorced separated but with a wall of refried beans?

And I love your new hair! don't. change. a. thing.

Emily A. W. said...

I think mom is forgetting that those lovely refried beans usually don't smell. Its the meat that causes divorces and keeps things seperated. Lol.

Thanks for posting so many pics. It is GREAT to see you and the places where you have been hanging out. I posted a couple pics on my blog of Screamer. I hope you get a chance to take a looksee.

We miss you but we are so happy you are having fun and making money doing it.

Adam said...

Looks amazing over there. I've been playing DotA like crazy. I only play clan games with a ranking system. Definitely wish you could play with me. (If you know what i mean)

DoMTar said...

Why so expensive? Do those meals include the happy ending?