Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Climb aboard, we're on our way to magic destinations.
Time to taste, to touch and feel a world of new sensations.
Experiences that are sure to please.
Embrace the endless possibilities.
So take the plunge and sail away on a wondrous exploration,
Anticipate, no time to way, you'll find the inspiration

On our Voyage to Adventure,
Where every dream comes true.
You'll see new sights and hit new heights,
We're waiting here for you.
On our Voyage to Adventure
You're sure to find your way.
From here to there it's time to share
This perfect holiday.


(repeat above chorus)


On our Voyage to Adventure
Your journey is complete.
Good time never end, so come on friend
There's dancing in the streets.
On our Voyage to Adventure
No dream's to big or small.
You must admin, it's a perfect trip
That's made for one and all.

On our Voyage to Adventure.


Emily A. W. said...

"So take the plunge and sail away".....I hope you don't take any plunges! Sounds like the titanic theme song.

Lol...that is cheese at its tastiest!

Kaferine said...

I'm so jealous that you get to hear that over and over!

A Girl Called Dallan said...

cracked. me. up.

thank you sooo much!

(By the way, how is there "dancing in the streets?" You're on a flippin' cruise ship, people!)

Kevin said...

Thanks for this. I used to work on JW, and even though I've seen VTA probably 30 times once I left the ship I could not remember the lyrics to the song and it's been bugging me ever since.